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One Page Fluency Therapy Sheets

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All the stimuli you need for stuttering therapy on one page so it's easy and fun!

We all want speech therapy that's easy and great. These One Page Fluency Therapy Sheets are a shortcut to no-hassle, no-prep stuttering therapy sessions that clients engage in and love.

These are the tasks that are included:

  • Single Words (5)
  • Phrases (Fill-In-the-Blank) (10)
  • Personal Biographical Sentences (8)
  • Sentences (3)
  • Paragraphs (1)
  • Sentence Generation (3-5)
  • Similarities and Differences Exposition (3)
  • Open-Ended Conversation Starters (4)

They're simple enough for early elementary kiddos yet robust enough for high school students. AND they're beautiful (that always helps).

With five different sheets included, you've got your fluency therapy set for weeks. 

Who doesn't want that? Get yours now.

*These sheets are included in the “Extras” folder of The Ultimate How to Treat Stuttering Package.