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Fluency School Vol. 2: The Ultimate How to Treat Cluttering Package

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Do you wanna treat cluttering like a pro?

Find yourself saying, "Aghhhh, what the heck is cluttering and how do I treat it?"

Thinking your client who stutters actually clutters and feelin' waaaaaay lost?

Wondering what'll give you the most bang for your buck so you can get back to treatin' like a queen (or king)?

Fluency School Vol. 2: The Ultimate How to Treat Cluttering Package has *exactly* what you need:

  • The One Page Cluttering Assessment (so you catch everything)
  • A Sample Cluttering Assessment Report (just plug-and-chug)
  • Cluttering Knowledge in a Nutshell Handout for Parents and Teachers (so you can explain things perfectly)
  • Sample Cluttering Goals (plug-and-chug 2.0;))
  • Learning About the Speech Mechanism Module (start here)
  • Heightening Self-Monitoring Module (this one is KEY)
  • Slowing Speech Rate Module (this is the most important thing you can do)
  • Using Clear Speech Module (overarticulaaaaation FTW)
  • Improving Speech Naturalness Module (get that volume and pitch on lock)
  • Reducing Stuttering-Like Disfluencies Module (throwback to Fluency School Vol. 1)
  • Improving Language Organization (warning: sick mnemonics ahead!)
  • Improving Pragmatics Language (fix those communication breakdowns like Bob the Builder)
  • Personalized Therapy Stimuli Packet (yup, from single words all the way through paragraphs)
  • Carryover Speech Situations Scavenger Hunt (ah, that sweet, sweet generalization)
  • One Page Fluency Therapy Sheets (so you can print a whole session's stimuli on one page)
  • 17 Super useful, high-value demonstration videos of all techniques

Wanna go from 0 to 60 mph at treating cluttering simply, easily, and awesomely? Get Fluency School Vol. 2 right now. 

Just click "Buy It Now" above.